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T by nesie1525
okay so
I just finished reading+watching this animanga called tokyo ghoul (kinda late, yes i know) and I have been gushing over it ever since ASDFGGHH OMFG IT'S LIKE THE EPIC-EST THING I'VE EVER

and touken (kanekixtouka) week had just started yesterday and I FUCKING PANICKED HOLY SHIT I JUST FINISHED READING WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO I AM NOT PREPARED FUUUUU

So I stay up until 3 AM (sorry dad) trying to make a drawing for em but then I was just like eh shit whatever I'm gonna leave this fandom sooner or later anyway why bother
but i'm actually still trying to draw something oh my Goooooooooo

anyways I drew this at school cause like there's no teacher for like 4 periods so I helped myself. first time drawing touka (may or may not have tried to copy the style of that one guy who drew the ed), I think her hair looked off though. at first I wasn't going to draw her in her def anime clothing and tried to design one by myself (may or may not have tried to copy that one clothing from that one drawing from the ed) but then halfway I cried and start to yell at myself for some reason (i swear idk what the fuck is wrong with me), so I just drew her like that.

I also tried a new coloring style. I suppose I could like it. kinda airy.
for Drawing-Stars-02 by nesie1525
for Drawing-Stars-02
for :icondrawing-stars-02:
i was sick for a day last week. (yeah I did got sick right after I upload that contest prize)
not fun. I missed a test. w- what if my report card will be empty...?

so yeah uh anyway this pic took like 3 sketches and none of them look remarkably similar like the final picture. i didn't mean to make rin look to small- i was reading a manga whatsitsface and I was allured at how cute and small the female protag looks and-- omg she's just ugyuu

len actually looked princely at the second sketch-- his hair looks like the student council (white) module and he looks so tall why the

and I tried to draw rin with the flower/lotus/hair ornament but len's face looked weird so I gave her blue hydrangea hairclip instead! (i've been so crazy about that flower I can't stop drawing it) and I made Len gave her a blue flower/rose/lotus/insertflowerherei'mnotaflorist and then the story'll be like she'll start wearing that on her head later on! SO THIS COULD BE A BACKSTORY AND SHIZZZZ

the sky looks messy because I'm actually in a hurry to school. i wa actually gonna give then black bold outline but at the end I gave then white outline instead. god the sky was a mess, ain't it?

and after finishing the editing I looked at your very comment and sees:
dancing in each other's arms

then I was just like; shit.

and the first like I used pen on my watercolor drawing ever was blue pen on the flower/rose/lotus/flower

if you had cake bring em to me cause I'm hungry new rule: cake = friendship = free drawings

lol jk it's still company = free drawings

also at this point i just realized how disorienting my writing are.
contest prize - Maka ACEO by nesie1525
contest prize - Maka ACEO
ey suuuuup
I've been dead for quite a while.

this is a contest prize for :iconlovecrypain23: for winning that one fanfiction contest on a lenrin fc (Fable Fan fiction contest! RESULTS ANNOUNCED!) lol i'm late by what? two months? no surprise here

okay. um. as you can tell, this by all means is not an A4 portrait/drawing. i'll explain.
so truth is I've made so much sketches trying to draw something that fits your desc. I then finally found a nice sketch, and I drew the lineart on an A6 paper.
then it disappeared.
so I made another one on A7. i was quite fond of it.
and then I found the missing lineart. yay. and then the A7 lineart I liked went missing and then the A6 lineart went missing as well.
then I went to a really huge artist block and I can't draw anything. ahaha.
then I finally made the final lineart on A5 size. and then I drew something else (an OC) on the last A5 size I have, because I'm going shopping soon anyway.
then my lineart went missing and so did my OC drawing.

and then I have no paper left other than ACEO sizes.

the sky was meant to be much more vibrant, actually, but I've been in an artist block so long my palette got a little moldy.
and maka's supposed to be under the shades, but it's my first time glazing I ended up making the shade too light.

oh and you see that random writing there? truth is I drew the lineart at school and was just randomly scribbling. I didn't realize the writing is still there until I was doing the sky wash.

whatever. I've been feeling a lot more tired lately. and just before I upload this I got a nosebleed, which usually means I'm very tired.
which means I'm getting sick. I hope not, I mean, if I need to get sick, then let me get sick after my mid test!
for pichiruu by nesie1525
for pichiruu
eeeh sup
i actually finished this yesterday, but being a lazy bum I am, i didn't submit it until today. hrrgghh

...kinda looks like a shota crossdresser, doesn't she? i was gonna make her look like a loli, but obviously I'm not doing a good job, cause halfway through making lineart, i forgot what was i doing and was just like, "wait, why in the name of fire bunnies am I drawing a shota crossdresser?"

also is that a plush or a living plush or a spirit possessing a plush? y'know, for future reference.
so lately I've felt that my watercolor skill has been insulted. so I want to train, but I still want to do fanart (i have no OC, see) (I don't always have OC, but when I do, I treat them like a real person)
("why do I felt like I forgo-- OH RIGHT I NEED TO GET SOME ICE CREAM FOR SHUU!!")
("but ma'am, Aika said that drawings can come to life")
("KAY ALLEN IMMA PUT YOU NEXT TO SILE-- don't worry, Sile, it's only for now," --I said, as I moved my folder named "Allen" next to my folder named "Sile")
("You know, An, I feel like I've cheated somebody," I said to my friend (real friend) An one day.
"How so?" she replied.
"I... I used to have a folder, named Lilien, where I put my downloads and all that, but then I decide there's too much file in there, so I made a new folder, and I kept making lots of folder until I kinda... forgot about her." --true story, no kidding, and Lilien is still in my computer as I speak.)

and luckily, lizzie-rivers is holding this journal. so I request somthing. BUT WE'RE GOING TO DO IT THE DIFFERENT WAYY
TODAY (or tonight? t, tonight? is, is it already dark outside?).
TODAY (wh- whatever! just- just whatever man! i don't care!), I will offer watercolor sketches for the first 15 people who comment on this journal, with the reference of the character they have. I will not draw a character that does not have a visual. ex. only words; "my character wears a black t-shirt with a skull on it--"
if it's a character from a franchise, or not an OC, then the least you can do is give me some images of the character.

also, I draw chibi-style! yaay! you might have never see me draw anything chibi before, but, y'know,

you can ask:
>chibi = pencil
>chibi = watercolor
>character = head = pencil
(yeah that's it) (gotta understand, my supplies are running low gdi)

  • 0/4 hadn't even started it lol
  • 1/4 sketch on progress ayyy (possibly the hardest part of them all)
  • 2/4 lineart on progress (you might never see this cuz I work FAST) (when I want to) (actually MAKING LINEART IS HARD AS FUCK MAN)
  • 3/4 colorin on progress
  • 4/4 done ayyyy

1. :iconlizzie-rivers: = Eloise (whoever that is um) 4/4
        for Lizzie-Rivers by nesie1525
2. :iconzatsune-sama: = nyan cat (I hope you're not serious about that btw) (seriously cn't you ask a lenrin or something? I'll be happy to draw so) 0/4
3. :icon911ape: = idk what his character's name is uhm 4/4 but I might restart
        for 911ape by nesie1525
4. :iconcrystaliron: = Takuma Ichijo (also you're like the only person who comes in with a reference I hope you're proud cause you just made it so much easier for me) 1/4
5. :iconclubbizzarex: = their two fav character (who? idk maybe it's zangief) (I totally don't know man who is it tell mee) (also it amaze me how I was able to write your name correctly without lookin) (//proud) ひ・み・つ/4
        gyuu by nesie1525

and don't worry, you don't have to know who I am to request. you're welcome, whoever you are.

unless you're the one who stole my pencil.

KAY. oh and I went and buy myself a flippin ice cream yesterday. been trying to quit swearing and talking to my computer screen here. and using <small> fonts. heh.



edit I: 6:31 PM SE Asia Standard Time, 17 September 2014
<batshitmode>OH MY GOD YESTERDAY WAS LIKE THE WORST DAY EVER i was so tired when I get home and I was immediately cheered up by the message that I got 10 more feedbacks but when I tried to check it, it just wouldn't load. actually, the page's already loaded, but the messages was invisible. I can't even upload or reply OH MY GOD I HOPE THAT WON'T HAPPEN EVER AGAIN OR I MIGHT ACCIDENTLY KILL MYSELF UGG</batshitmode>

you guys.. you should've mention you want a character or a chibi... ughhh. well, i guess it's my fault for making a wall of text that could ruin a person's eyesight.

also, this
Free watercolor sketches! has been turned to Free Watercolor Drawings! btw, it astonish me how much improvement can be made in two hours. woa

edit II: 2:07 PM SE Asia Standard Time, 05 October 2014
I take it back. this is now an "ACEO card request" whatever I'm fucking tired man just give me my cake damn it
wait um nvm
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  • Reading: Jon died at the end
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  • Drinking: OH YEAH THAT TOO



Artist | Student | Varied
Rin-chan pagedoll or something by nesie1525
I'm sorry I don't know how to insert fancy laces

Name: Nesie (that's good enough information for you all?)

Aliases: Foxxel, KuremaKisu, Akabari, Neva (Identity Crisis lol)

Birthdate: 26 July I think I can't remember

Drawing Style:
Traditional: Tools I use: Pencil, watercolor pencil, colored pencil, watercolor
Digital: ionno i can soft paint

Just warning, my art style changes every 5 seconds so beware

>occasionally talks like I'm drunk
>sleep when the sun rises and woke up when it's high above (around 12)
>am not a very healthy kid
>don't know what the hell is going on
>long for human contact
>can't english
>have long hair nearly touching my tights but then my mom cuts it so it's only waist long now ; A ;
>loves chocolate
>am slow
>am lonely and I long for human contact
>might be bipolar
>have multiple personalities
> shoujo mangas //hides face
>think my pet looks like a cat, but I'm conviced she's an alien.

my vocaloid pairing:
LenRin otp
LenRinMiku //sigh
mexRin shhh

Favorite vocaloid: RIN CHAN NAU RIN CHAN NAU

so yeah um
Fav portrayal of LenRin igess?
yanderen/maserenxkuuderin YOU CAN'T STOP ME //slips from the handcuffs
tsunderen x rin


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